how to be irresistible

The easy way to be irresistible

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I just received a question from Sophie, who says….

“Suzie, I’m meeting lots of guys through various apps, websites and generally just out and about doing my own thing. The the problem is, either they don’t hold my attention or sometimes I just can’t seem to hold theirs. Is there something I am doing wrong?”

Great question Sophie!!

So how can you turn all this around? Easy!!

Gaining or maintaining someone’s attention doesn’t just have to be a physical thing and often after only a few minutes of meeting, it’s what lays beneath the surface that matters the most.

Try and make your conversations as upbeat and fun as possible. Remember before now, you and he have both been on several dates and you want to stand out and make an impact, rather than blend in.

So, when you’re having those ‘get to know you’ conversations, try and stay away from questions that turn the brain in to auto responder mode like “what do you” do and “how many siblings do you have”, as these questions will have been asked many times before. Why not ask him about the things that make him tick, like “what was the last great book that you read” or “where was one of best places you visited on a holiday”? Keep the questioning to things that evoke happy thoughts and memories because I can tell you, that by the end of the date he will come away feeling happy, possibly happier than he was before and he will then attribute his happiness with having been interactive with you!

I hope this has provided you with some inspiration today and I look forward to answering more of your questions.

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