I was recently asked ….

“Is it worth going on a second date if you’re not physically attracted to the other person”?

OK so here’s the thing, it really is a different answer depending upon whether you’re male or female.

Let me break it down for you…

The female response:

Ladies, in all honesty, men sometimes stumble on a first date and aren’t great at putting their best foot forward. So, in my honest opinion it’s the kindest thing to give them a second chance, especially if there isn’t anything about them that’s too awful. If it’s just a matter of lacking chemistry, well that can come in time if there are other redeeming features.

It’s a known fact that ladies fall in love between the ears and the physical side of things takes a back seat in some ways, that is until chemistry has been ascertained.

The next time you meet him, you may well find that he’s more relaxed around you and the energy between you shifts to a whole other level.

The male response:

Guys, let’s get real shall we? Men fall in love with their eyes and so if one look at your date leaves you feeling a tad under par, then really what’s the point, because she’s not going to grow long hair over night, turn blonde, become a supermodel right before your eyes or be playing with her assets to get them to reflect a certain ‘norm’.

Just like I said for the ladies, if it’s really that bad for you and any thought of sexual chemistry puts you off, then it’s best to leave it and not try to force the matter. It’ll be be the kinder option for the both of you.

At the end of the day if you have to really force the issue or work hard to convince yourself that you ought to give this person another shot, then it’s truly not a good sign at all.

I would revert back to your values, negotiables and non negotiables and be clearer about what you’re looking for before accepting a date, so as not to put either of you in an awkward position.

If you are yet to figure out your values, negotiables and non negotiables, then fear not because a session with me or indeed purchasing my course will give you all the clarity you need. Course details coming up soon!

I hope that goes someway to helping you, should you be faced with this situation again in the future.