Suzie Parkus is not your ordinary Dating Coach. As a coach she works with the person to help them from the inside and out. Suzie’s transformative style is reflected as a guest because she tackles the question from the inside and works outward.

 – Mason Vera Paine – Host of the Mason Vera Paine show on WGN –

“Your gorgeous and effervescent personality is infectious and you certainly know how to make people around you feel good!”


“I can see a real difference, not only in my relationships with the women I meet, but with the relationship I have with myself! Through the coaching process I’ve learned how to see a woman’s character more clearly and it has totally redefined what I thought was attractive. This was a huge breakthrough for me and I am so happy that I am no longer looking for women that don’t deserve me. There is a big comfort in knowing Suzie is there if I ever have a problem or a question. When I am not quite sure how to handle a situation, Suzie listens, but also gives me very good advice on what my options are going forward. She never tells me what to do, but always makes good suggestions – which I love. I can’t thank her enough for all she’s done and continues to do for me!”


“It was a pleasure to meet with you. You were spot on in your observations and I shall take your feedback on board.”


“I worked with Suzie for four sessions, but the sheer level of detail we covered was very comprehensive. She tailored our sessions to my personality and my needs. I learned a great deal that I didn’t know before. She changed my perspective on dating and it has made me much more confident and decisive when it comes to the Jewish dating scene. I would recommend Suzie to anyone who feels that their approach to dating isn’t getting them the results they want!”


“Suzie has that sharp female perception which knows in seconds just where you’re going wrong. She doesn’t hold back from giving honest advice, but always gives practical, useful tips on how to improve and bring the best out in yourself. Her critique is spot on and her intuition fascinating”


I was recommended to Suzie and her services through a friend. After our initial conversation I immediately felt that Suzie understood my situation and felt an instant rapport with her. As a newly divorced man entering the dating scene again after 15 yrs, it felt quite daunting to me and I didn’t know where to start or how to go about meeting potential dates. Suzie’s ability to understand my concerns, her natural ability to foresee situations and her ability to guide me gently back in to the dating world has been totally invaluable. I come away from our sessions inspired, confident and full of positivity. Her advice around the dates I have gone on so far has proven very helpful and extremely accurate.  I now feel more excited, confident and more self assured about meeting new ladies and what the future holds in store for me. I can’t thank you enough!


Suzie’s talk last night was brilliant. We got to ask lots of questions and Suzie’s responses were very insightful.

I would go as far as saying that it will probably be the best talk of the year – for me at least. I took away a lot of useful information and there was plenty of relationship advice too.


Just to say the evening session – The Unspoken Rules of Dating with Dating coach Suzie Parkus – was absolutely fantastic. Suzie gave a great presentation and is extremely knowledgeable / passionate around her subject matter.

Can we have more of Suzie please…

 -Sadie Home House Member-

I found working with Suzie to be incredibly helpful. She is a warm and empathic person who helped me articulate and identify what I am looking for in a partner- in a way I would not have been able to do on my own. We established a great rapport, which put me quickly at my ease and allowed for greater intimacy and trust. I would recommend Suzie to anyone who wants to truly understand who they’re looking for and understand how to meet them.


I have been following your advice and it has definitely given me a new direction. The changes are remarkable! I can really see an enormous difference in such a short space of time.

Although it can be really hard at times and the challenge is big, the difference is, that I now have direction and a very strong structure – something that I can refer to and now depend on at times when I need it, instead of worrying, being negative and unsure.

You have mended what was beginning to be a very negative cycle with some terrible bad habits forming. I feel more positive, focused and determined as a result. I am doing so many new things that I wouldn’t have otherwise engaged with had it not been for your positive and helpful suggestions. Things now feel so much better since working together. Thank you Suzie!


I enlisted Suzie’s services for one of my children and she has been such a pleasure to work with from start to finish. She is super efficient, bright, warm and really understands people. In addition, Suzie is an incredible networker and has been able to offer many helpful suggestions in terms of organisations and other professionals to enable further development. She knows how to inspire others in to action and is quick to know exactly what is right for each individual. Her approach is clearly well thought out and highly tailored to the individual client.

It’s obvious that Suzie is passionate about what she does. As well as achieving amazing results, she genuinely cares and goes far beyond what’s expected of her.

Thank you Suzie for all your help, my child has never responded so positively to anyone else in the past….!

I have no hesitation in recommending Suzie to anyone looking to restore their sense of self and be the best they can be in all aspects of their life and wellbeing.

– Mo –

I recently turned 40 and just before this amazing birthday, I met Suzie Parkus.

I remember feeling down and a bit lost about not only turning 40, but being single and not feeling fulfilled in any way shape or form.

Suzie gave me so much hope and opened doors for me that I had unconsciously nailed shut.

Suzie is not only a Dating Coach, but she is also an incredible life coach.

She comes to life when she talks about what she does and she has such passion and energy for her work. Her vivacious energy is part and parcel of what makes her so special and unique.

Suzie has this amazing ability to tap into your feelings, needs, wants and desires in an extremely intuitive way. She is able to discuss matters and explain herself with such clarity, which is not only refreshing but makes the process so much easier to be a part of.

I would recommend Suzie Parkus as the ultimate ‘life changer’. If you allow yourself to be open with her and are open to both her help and support, she can then guide you in the right direction and help you walk through doors you never even knew existed.

She has an innate talent for what she does and she can help you through the bad times as well as the good.

Thank you Suzie!


I just wanted to say thank you for our chat earlier in the year. My feminine energy is starting to really shine. Men seem really seem to be flocking to me now and whilst the quality is getting better and better, it’s not quite right yet, but that’s fine for now.

Currently I’m embracing the attention I’m getting and working on being more and more feminine in myself. My king will adore me by the time the universe joins us together.

Thank you so much for all your honesty!

– DJ –