So, this week’s question comes from Grant, he asked me…

How do I kick start a conversation off when I have been introduced to someone as a blind date and all I have is a number?

Ok, so firstly it’s great that introductions are being passed around! Don’t be scared, feel flattered.

I would act as quickly as possible, because I am sure that the lady in question will know that you have got her number. If you wait too long she will think you’re too busy or possibly playing games.

With that said, I would text her and start by saying that you have heard great things about her (list a few) from (name of friend) and say that you would like arrange to speak with her when she’s free to see about setting up this date. Now ask when she is free and get that ball rolling….

When you do speak to her, don’t spend too long on the get to know you call, remember to save some of it for the date itself. Ask her about her, her day, her week, her weekend. If you don’t know much about her at this point, but wish to make sure that she is aligned with your dating journey, then ask a few important questions dropped in to the conversation in a light chatter manner.

My biggest piece of advice is always keep the conversations light and fun.

I hope this helps and do keep us updated as to how it goes.

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