Are you missing the connection factor?

How often do you meet someone you like, only to feel that there’s no spark or chemistry going on?

I’d be lying if I said that NEVER happened to me, but I have now learnt how to work on the things which bother me most. I take steps to change the things I can and have come to accept the things I can’t.

Did you know that there’s a strong correlation between the way we perceive ourselves to be and the amount of time we invest in nurturing ourselves? It’s so easy to be down about something which you are personally not happy about and then reach for a beanie hat in order to get comfy and hide, down some wine or even gorge on some naughties, but none of those things will get you any closer to looking and feeling your best.

The more effort you put into a routine or activities that make you feel more happy, confident, attractive and sexy, the more you will exude that energy. In doing so, you will find that you have created a magnetic field around you which helps you get noticed because you are now less self-conscious, your happiness levels will rise as a result and in turn, your ability to connect with people will be enhanced too.

Happiness and confidence are 2 of the most attractive scents a person can wear!

Happiness and confidence are very much an inside job, but if the inside and outside are not aligned, then people won’t be able to gel with you as easily┬ábecause they will naturally be able to notice the disconnect between the two.

Ever met someone who you liked, but just couldn’t put your finger on why you weren’t attracted to them, this normally happens when they promote themselves to be one thing, but deep down you somehow notice that it’s a whole other story.

What things are you NOT happy about? What things are you hiding away from? What can you start doing TODAY that will pave the way for a better tomorrow?

Creating change is just like learning how to walk, it takes baby steps. You put one foot in front of the other and you just keep on moving forward. Once you know how to walk, you’ll wonder why you were crawling for so long.

One of the things I do for my clients is to create an action plan around turning negatives into positives and devising how to achieve and maintain these new thoughts, feelings, and habits. If having a session with me to devise that plan sounds like a good idea, then let’s have a chat!