Meet Suzie

Suzie Parkus dating coach and match maker can help guide you to finding your perfect match.

Suzie Parkus

Suzie has an affinity for connecting people and bringing out the best in everyone. Her appreciation for the wellbeing of others is at the core of helping everyone find their soul mate.

She is so committed to the success of her clients, that she offers them access to a variety of services to suit their needs: 1-on-1 coaching, group workshops and talks. These are just some of the tools used to help her clients realise what they truly desire within a relationship.

Suzie has always been a hopeless romantic and feels that we all deserve love; some of us just need a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Once you commit to opening up and bringing love in to your life, you will see a transformation in everything around you.

We welcome you warmly and look forward to working with you soon.

About the Club

Meet Your Match is here to support your dating journey in finding the love that you deserve.

With a background in dating coaching, matchmaking and running a singles events business, Meet Your Match’s Director Suzie Parkus, has years of experience working with and helping busy people just like to you, to meet and connect with other like-minded individuals.

Your dating journey should be fun and exciting, it should be an adventure that you want to embrace. We want to show you, how your dating journey can be both exciting and fulfilling.

By working with Meet Your Match, you have actively decided to take control of your life. Our coaching process will ensure that you are more aware of who you are and your dating prospects. You are someone who is serious about finding a lifelong partner and are willing to try something different.

We attract a variety of clients from across the world who all have one thing in common, they know that time is precious. They trust us to help them make the most of it, by focusing their intentions to attract the right partner in to their life.

By working with us, you will not only be coached by Suzie, but you will also have her full support network behind you every step of the way.

How we work

Our personal coaching process is customised to suit your needs. We appreciate that everyone is different and so is your journey. This process, which you are about to embark on, will be fun, exciting and most of all, rewarding.